Analgo sedation - for more pleasant treatment

Analgo sedation will medically induce a state similar to sleep. The patient remains adressable, however psychological tenseness, unpleasant feelings and pain can be ruled out. Professionals refer to this as a voluntarily induced, controllable state similar to sleep enabling the patient to fully relax and suffer no pain whatsoever.

Most patients remember the details of treatment afterwards and describe their state of being as relatively relaxing. The agents put to use for analgo sedation are very safe, waking up is mostly pleasant and you are unlikely to suffer from sickness or vomiting.

Analgo sedation is carried out by an experiences anesthesiologist in our practice.

Statutory health insurance and most private healthcare insurances do not carry the costs for this progressed form of treatment. We look forward to informing you on whether analgo sedation is possible and makes sense in your individual case and what you will need to consider besides personally.