State-of-the-art dentistry offers you a range of advanced treatments. The following modern-day methods are at your service in our practice:

Sonic Weld Rx®

A totally new operative bone augmentation method. It combines modern ultrasound technology with reabsorbable implants for recovery of lost osseous structures.

The Oral Camera

Ameliorated diagnostic certainty

Thanks to our special oral camera system, which is connected to modern computer technology, we recognize dental ailments easier and sooner.


For effective, gentle plaque removal

The Air-Flow device sprays a composite of powder and water onto the teeth via compressed air and removes the most obstinate layers of plaque.

Ultrasound Technology

Gingiva treatment with ultrasound technology

Thanks to this state-of-the-art method, we are able to prevent surgical treatment in the case of gingiva ailments in many cases.


The gentle method for many fields of application

Various operations, parodontitis and endodontic treatments can be carried out under application of the dental laser. The advantages: the treatment is over with sooner and the wound causes less pain.

3D-Implant Strategies

Computer-controllled 3D implant strategies

This enables us to define the position of the implant easier and faster, making the implantation even safer.


Emdogain is a product for the recovery of the periodontal apparatus when damaged by parodontitis. It thus goes towards rescuing single or multiple threatened teeth.

We are generally open to new technologies, however we place large value on well-engineered, safe, and approved diagnostic and therapeutic methods - in the interest of our patients.