Metal-free Restauration

Pretty new teeth in all-ceramic - without metal

Tooth restauration and replacement from all-ceramic and zirconium oxide are safe and proven. The new teeth are very stable, resilient, made for many years, and they contain no metal at all. Allergies and intolerance against all-ceramic and zirconium oxide are not known.

Zirconium Oxide Tooth Replacement

Zirconium Oxide Tooth Replacement

More and more patients don't like the thought of metal in their mouth. The aesthetic and longevity factors have experienced a rise in importance, too. Tooth replacement from zirconium oxide all-ceramic meet these wishes to the fullest.

Zirconium oxide is perfect for numerous denture solutions. Thus, we can forego metal alloys. Zirconium oxide provides very stable, peaceable, and aesthetic dental care - the customer-friendly prices are not to be left unmentioned. Thanks to high noble metal prices, they're the cheaper alternative to gold alloys.

Excellent material properties

Ideal not only for allergy sufferers:

Artificial teeth from zirconium oxide uses no metal alloys whatsoever. The highly effective ceramic is well accepted by the body, the gum, and the other tissue.

Safe from breaking and durable:

Zirconium oxide ist extremely resilient, making it perfect also for the side teeth area. Even large dental bridges with many tooth units or implant superstructures from zirconium oxide are absolutely stable and will remain perfectly safe in the long run.

Light and comfortable:

Zirconium oxide weighs considerably less than metal alloys. The material is hardly thermally conductive, which reduces unpleasant sensation of warm and cold temperatures.

Naturally beautiful:

Artificial teeth from zirconium oxide are very aesthetic. The tooth-colored material will appear perfectly natural - without dark edges at the transition to the gum.

Cad Cam Restauration

Cad Cam Restaurationen

Innovative CAD/CAM technology for highly precise zirconium oxide fitting

Thanks to our close collaboration with our master laboratory in Augsburg, we are able to offer you modern CAD/CAM technology for fitting hard zirconium oxide. The crown or bridge construction is engineered at the computer using special software, then it is carved from a zirconium oxide block based on the computer simulation. The CAD/CAM technology facilitates consistently high quality of crowns and bridge constructions. This is the best we can offer as to functionality and longevity of artificial teeth.

Proven, popular, affordable!

Thanks to low material cost, zirconium oxide is an affordable and interesting alternative to gold alloys despite the meticulous processing. We are looking forward to offering you a noncommittal cost forecast.

Facts and pro arguments for high quality artificual teeth from zirconium oxide all-ceramic:

  • Fully metal-free, aesthetic artificial teeth from ceramic
  • Stability values remain unsurpassed until today, good long run prognosis
  • Attractive cost-benefit ratio and calculable material prices
  • No price fluctuation as with gold
  • There are no dark crown edges at the gum, as there are with metal
  • High precision and perfect fit thanks to computer-based CAD/CAM processing
  • Biocompatibility - zirconium oxide all-ceramic is absolutely compatible and perfect for allery sufferers
  • Various fields of application - "almost nothing is impossible"


Removable Artificial Teeth

High-Quality Removable Artificial Teeth

You're right about setting high standards when it comes to dentures. They must withstand the same challenges as your natural teeth:

  • look natural and beautiful
  • be biologically compatible
  • be resilient, stable, and reliable
  • harmonically integrate themselves into the row of natural teeth
  • ensure comfortable chewing motions in the long run
  • guarantee high oral hygiene.

Telescope dentures

Aesthetics and individualization of telescope crown dentures

Telescope dentures can be engineered as naturally and aesthetically as natural teeth; no one will notice the difference at first glance. Its beautiful and natural looks are the result of the following characteristics and engineering methods of telescope dentures:

  • There are no clasps or other visible mounting devices that remind of artificial teeth.
  • The dentures can be veneered with tooth-colored materials in the visible areas. Hardly any metal is to be seen on the outside.
  • The froht teeth appear natural and individual, as their color and shape can be individually altered and adapted.

Implant Based