Parodontitis: How to effectively treat gingiva illnesses

Depending on severity and type of the ailment, different methods of treatment are applicable in case of gingiva illnesses. Our practice offers you trusted and proven treatment in all stadiums.

Prophylaxis and professional tooth cleaning

Gingiva inflammations in the primary stadium are easy and quick to treat with consequent oral hygiene methods. Professional tooth cleaning and cleansing of the gum pockets are two central methods.

Hand-held Instruments

Treatment with hand-held instruments

Progressed parodontitis requires elimination of the bacterial infection in the gum pockets. This is carried out by means of the "conventional curettage" under local anesthesia. Fine special instruments are used to remove bacteria and plaque layers from the gum pockets, then the root surfaces are cleaned and burnished.

Ultrasound Instruments

Treatment with ultrasound instruments

The use of ultrasound instruments for cleaning of the gum pockets is a huge step forwards in dentistry. The vibrating, water-cooled ultrasound instrument tip is perfect for fragmenting hard layers of plaque and cleansing the gum pocket. Ultrasound treatment is easy-going and far more pleasant for the patient.

Laser Sterilization

Laser treatment

In many cases, laser treatment can replace gingiva surgery. The fine laser beam enables easy-going treatment. For example, the laser can be used during cleaning of the gum pockets and root surfaces; the bacteria population in the gum pocket will experience a massive decline. Thus, the inflammation cannot spread further and the healing process is accelerated. Even strongly inflamed gingiva tissue can be gently removed using laser technology.

Plastic Periodontic Surgery

Plastic Periodontic Surgery

Prevention and correction of anatomic, traumatic, or plaque-induced defects of gingiva tissue, mucosa, or bone material which were priorly dependent on surgery now profit largely from micro surgery methods. Modern treatment such as tunnel methods, connective tissue transplantation or mucograph technology are used to cover up cuneiform defects of the neck of the tooth and recessions.

Regenerative Periodontal Treatment (Emdogain)

Regeneration and augmentation of jaw bone material and tissue

Not only can progressed gingiva ailments be stopped; many cases enable use of membrane techniques and micro surgery to regenerate and augment the damaged jaw bone and the tissue material. The risk of tooth loss can thus be ruled out. Bone and tissue material are regenerated in a course of several months of treatment. The teeth regain their firm halt.

Accompanying medical treatment

The individual case can make it necessary to medically support gingiva treatment. The first step consists in defining the type of bacteria causing the parodontitis based on a microbiological analysis of plaque. Depending on the case, medicine can support treatment and healing of the infection. However parodontitis can never be successfully treated solely based on medicine in the long run.

Aftercare and oral hygiene

Our goal consists in long-term success in treatment of gingiva illnesses. The most important factors in this are regular aftercare and checkups as well as consequent oral hygiene at home. Besides, we recommend regular participation in our prophylaxis program. Our experience proves the resulting excellent chances for long-time success in gingiva treatment.

We can often treat gingiva illnesses gently

Gingiva and periodontium inflammations (gingivitis and parodontitis) are caused by aggressive bacteria. Based on studies, approximately 80% of all grown-ups suffer from them. In the progressed stadiums, jaw bone material experiences a recession. The teeth lose their firmness and can fall out. This is why it is so important to initiate treatment as fast as possible. Our practice treats parodontitis with different methods. A very successful, non-surgery method free of antibiotics is the so-called "anti-microbial photo-dynamic therapy".

This describes a very easy-going, pain-free laser treatment method without side effects. The first step consists of an intense cleansing of the gum pockets, reduction of bacteria, and removal of hard and soft plaque layers. Then a blue colorant is applied to the gum pockets in order to dye the remaining bacteria. The colorant reacts to laser light in addition. Simply put: the colorant and the laser light cause elimination of dangerous bacteria.

The anti-microbial photo-dynamic therapy is quick and easy. The gingiva inflammation heals soon after and the gingiva tissue can regain its former health. Regular professional tooth cleaning at the dentist's and consequent oral hygiene guarantee long-time success of treatment.

Bone Augmentation With Own Bone Material Or Replacement Bone

Not only can progressed gingiva illnesses be stopped; the damaged jaw bone and the surrounding tissue can be regenerated under use of membrane technology and micro surgery implantation of bone augmentation material. The risk of tooth loss can be almost ruled out. Bone and gingiva regenerate over a period of months. The teeth regain their former firmness.

Periodontal Micro Surgery

Periodontal Micro Surgery

Treatment suffering experiences a massive decline thanks to micro surgery and close methods. The predictability of the aesthetic result has turned more convincing, too.

Micro surgery enables:

  • Augmentation of lost bone substance
  • Plastic and aesthetic reconstruction of gingiva tissue
  • Encouragement of bone regeneration

Recession Backing with Connective Tissue Transplants