Master of Science in Oral Surgery/Implantology – the implantologist's special education

Thanks to Dr. Curt Esswein MSc's longstanding experience in implantology, many patients pick our practice very deliberately. In order to meet the expectations as to progressive and high-quality treatment, Dr. Esswein underwent extra occupational studies and graduated as a "Master of Science in Oral Surgery/Implantology". What makes this qualification special: It enables the comprehensive link between practical implantology and scientific findings within our implantology treatment concept.

Our implantology concept, which remains constantly on the pulse of time thanks to regular further education, encompasses the following treatment methods applied according to the individual case:

  • Implants following state-of-the-art surgical methods
  • CT based three-dimensional implant plotting
  • Jaw bone augmentation
  • Progressive gum treatment and
  • High quality, aesthetic implant artificial teeth

Thanks to detailed consultation and demonstration of alternative treatments, we offer you the information you need for your decision and the satisfaction with your final choice.

Why choose artificial teeth?

  • Firm, reliable artifucual teeth will neither slide nor fall out.
  • The neighboring teeth need no abrasion, as with regular dental bridges.
  • The jaw bone remains stable and firm and will not form back that soon.
  • Good compatibility and natural aesthetics.
  • Longevity of implant based artificial teeth.
  • Implant-based dentures maximize chewing comfort notably.
  • Your personal well-being and quality of life will experience a boost.

Competence and safety as to implantology

We have many years of experience in fitting artificial teeth in our practice. Dr. Esswein is a BDIZ/EDI, BDO/DGMKG/DGI/DGZI certified implantologist, which stands for a great deal of experience and high competence as to implantology. Our practice offers excellent surroundings for implantology surgery. In addition to local anesthesia, we offer analgo sedation (twilight sleep) at the patient's desire, enabling relaxed treatment. Depending on the individual case, we will also carry out treatment under general anesthetic. We collaborate with experienced anesthetist we know well.

Comprehensive consultation and treatment plotting

Implantation and prothetic plotting is carried out under consideration of the patient's wishes, desires, and financial possibilities. The patient is offered comprehensive treatment consultation as well as a written cost forecase prior to treatment. We also provide a schedule reaching from the implantation to the completion and integration of the artificial teeth.

Aftercare and oral hygiene

The success of implant treatment in the long run decisively depend on regular aftercare and excellent oral hygiene. Prophylaxis is a useful and effective addition to the patient's own dental care. Regular professional tooth cleaning is a central part of this. It is carried out at the dentist's and by far exceeds tooth care at home.

3D Implant Plotting

High safety and precision thanks to 3D implant plotting

Placing of tooth implants in the jaw bone requires meticulous plotting. Besides the regular two-dimentional x-ray pictures, modern-day dentistry also works with computer-based 3D plotting and diagnostics.

For implant plotting based on three-dimensional computer images, the first step consists in layered x-ray pictures. The patient wears a special oral template fitted with markings visible in the final x-ray pictures.

The x-ray data are then forwarded to the computer. The result is a three-dimensional image of the teeth and the jaw bone. Based on this picture, the perfect fit of the implant - position, angle, and depth - can be plotted.

Positioning templates offer further safety

The positioning data gained this way can be projected to the oral template one to one. The template is then fitted with the corresponding bore sleeves, enabling the exact and tissue-friendly placing of the implant in the right angle and depth. The danger of injuring roots of the tooth, neighboring teeth, the maxillary sinus, or nerves during implant fitting can be ruled out.

Tooth aesthetics planned ahead

Thanks to 3D implant plotting, the desired tooth aesthetics (position, shape and length of teeth) can be planned ahead exactly. The aesthetic result is known before the fitting of the implant.

Bone and Tissue Augmentation

Targeted augmentation of gingival tissue and jaw bone material Piezo Surgery

Piezo Surgery is an ultrasound based surgery method applied especially in the area of implantology. The tissue is treated three-dimensionally with special surgical instruments.

The speciality: Piezo Surgery is minimally invasive and discourages bleeding. The ultrasound can be finely adapted to the tissue. Bone augmentation, for example, caters only for the bone itself. Soft tissue such as the gingiva or nerves remain untouched. Treatment of bone or soft tissue is thus highly targeted and does not damage or endanger other tissue.

Furthermore, Piezo Surgery enables cooling of the tissue more effectively than with other instruments. The circumjacent bone substance or soft tissue can be comprehensively protected from unwanted side effects. Patients normally experience Piezo Surgery as more bearable than regular surgery.

Sonic Weld Rx®

A novel method of surgery for bone augmentation. It combines ultrasound technology with resorbable implants for recovery of lost bone structure.

Information for Remittors

The cooperative implantology concept

Collaboration for high patient satisfaction

Implant care in friendly collaboration

  • Friendly collaboration gains more and more importance due to the modern world's demand of specialists in all fields of medicine, especially in dentistry. In order to offer the best possible patient care and patient satisfaction, cooperation turns into a substantial model for the future.
  • Dentists not specialized on implantology can offer his patients implant prothetic treatment by cooperation with a surgery expert. Thanks to our specialization on implantology and oral surgery, we look forward to carrying out oral surgery for dentists' practices in consultation.
  • Prosthetics plotting and the further care of your patients remain your areas of expertise. We supply you with all necessary implant parts and instruments.

The following procedure of collaboration has so far shown the best results:

We will discuss the implant plotting and the steps of treatment for your patient together. Then we carry out the implant surgery in our practice. Implantology treatment of risk patients is possible, too.

Prosthetics plotting, realization, and further care of your patient remain your area of expertise. We supply you with all necessary implant parts and instruments.

Important: We will only carry out the surgery you asked for. Your patients stay your patients! We stand aback from further treatments, this is what our dentist colleagueship demands from us.

If you happen to be searching for an experienced partner in implant surgery and are interested in collaborating, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to arranging for a personal appointment with you.


Maintenance of Implant Dentures

Brush your dentures just as you would take care of your natural teeth. Brushing your teeth after breakfast and in the evening are mandatory, best would be after each larger meal. Use a medium hard toothbrush and don't keep it in use for longer than 3 months.

In the first instance, fleetingly spread the toothpaste on all tooth surfaces - don't leave out the artificial teeth. Then brush the surfaces for about 2 minutes - begin with the inside and outside sides of the teeth, then progress to the chewing surfaces.

We look forward to showing you how to brush your teeth most effectively in order to go easy on your gum and your new dentures. We will also demonstrate how to use dental floss and interdental brushes to cater for the interproximal embrasures the best you can.

In addition, we recommend you have your implant dentures cleaned professionally twice a year at your dentist's. The artificial tooth is removed from the implant for the treatment, then it is carefully cleaned and finally refitted. This process does not take long and is absolutely painless. Professional denture cleaning at the dentist's is meant for checking the denture's perfect condition. This regular routine checkup is meant to rule out undetected inflammations, gingiva ailments, and caries, which would endanger the safe footing of the denture without in-time counteraction - they could even summit in loss of the implant.

Your cooperation and your commitment are of vital importance. But they're worth it - after all, it's all about your own (dental) wellbeing!