Endodonty on the pulse of time

Innovation in science and technology enable constant progress in the area of endotonty (root canal treatment). We put the following instruments, methods and materials to use in root canal treatment:

Magnifying glasses enable us to detect tiny and branched root canals for cleaning and treating.

Our electrometer enables exact measuring of the root canals for safe and risk-free work reaching to the tips of the roots.

Flexible and delicate instruments accommoate to the anatomy of the root canals.

Our mechanical system for root canal treatment has led to huge progress and a rise in safety during treatment. However it is put to use only under special circumstances such as for very narrow and branched root canals.

Despite all appliances and progressive instruments, root canal treatment remains time-consuming. It requires experience, patience and a feeling for the treatment. However it's an investment worth its time and cost. The possibility of restoring teeth spares the patient the consequences of tooth loss. Keeping the natural tooth makes further costly treatment unnecessary and makes the cost for artificial teeth redundant, too. Last but not least - the teeth's natural look is preserved, too.

What happens after root canal treatment?

After root treatment, the tooht normally needs a crown or an inplay. The first step normally consists in stabilization by means of a synthetic filling. In case of larger loss of tooth substance, an additional dowel can be integrated into the root canal. Finally the tooth is fitted with a gold or all-ceramic crown.

Why is high-quality root canal treatment a private service at your expense?

Thorough and long-term successful root canal treatment requires a great deal of time. Each tooth is unique and needs an individual treatment strategy. Furthermore, the technical instruments need to be state-of-the-art. The payment system of the statutory health insurance does not consider the grade of difficulty and the timely cost of root canal treatment. Many progressive methods of treatments, instruments, and materials are not included in the catalog of benefits of your statutory health insurance. You are informed about the additional cost for root canal treatment prior to treatment. We look forward to assisting you with all further questions.

Adhesive Root Canal Superstructures

Special adhesive methods can regenerate strongly destroyed teeth by means of fiberglass and zirconium root canal superstructures.