Quality Management

Quality and Responsibility

Our comprehensive quality management system by far exceeds use of high-quality materials and safe processing. All practice processes underlie very high quality standards. You, the patient, are at the center of the entire everyday practice life - with all your wishes and expectations. What does that mean to you?

  • Customer-friendly service and little waiting time
  • Ensured abidance by hygiene standards exceeding the legally mandatory regulations
  • A motivated and highly qualified team
  • First-class state-of-the-art methods of treatment

Our regular patient queries enable us to ensure our high level of quality in all areas in the long run. The query results are an important foundation for our constant further development. Our constantly high results in our patient queries satisfy us all the more.

Health and safety for our patients

Our safe practice hygiene concept offer you high levels of protection and safety; in order to keep it upright, we have implemented an ambitious and elaborate hygiene concept for the entire practice. Some aspects of it are: use of sterilized instruments and hand-held gadgets as well as use of sterilized water, use of modern technology and gadgets for desinfection and sterilization of all instruments and hand-held gadgets in direct contact with the patient.

Diligence and responsibility for diagnosis and treatment

The more exact the diagnosis, the more successful the custom, individual treatment. This is why we take our time for you and your needs. We use gentle methods of treatment and materials that have proven high acceptanceby your body. We do not use the filling material amalgam, as it contains the poisonous heavy metal amalgam. It enters the patient's body via the saliva and can result in numerous discomforts and illnesses. At your desire, we can remove existing amalgam fillings and replace them with tested and proven materials better accepted by the body.

Safety in artificial tooth material and production of dentures

Our dental technician lab has a great deal of know-how, elaborate technical fitting, and highly qualified employees at your service. We pick renowned manufacturers when picking the materials in order to cater for elaborate quality management. The different processing methods for production of dentures underly consequent quality management. Dentures fitted by us are a high-quality medical product that underlies the German Equipment Safety Act.

New teeth from our in-house laboratory - hedge your bets

  • Our laboratory caters for your needs only with high-quality and certified materials under constant quality checkups.
  • Thanks to regular further education and state-of-the-art laboratory technology, our team is constantly on the pulse of time and progress.
  • Dentures produced and fitted by us are highly aesthetic and appear perfectly natural.
  • Your new teeth are a high-quality medical products fitted and produced according to the German Equipment Safety Act.
  • Materials and composition of your dentures are meticulously documented and can be reproduced anytime.
  • Our production materials and technologies are scientifically tested, safe, and well accepted by the body.