Patient assistance and practice service - making your visit easier

Our practice team considers itself a service provider interested in the wellbeing of your teeth. This includes several services, such as:

Transparency and Information

The first step consists in discussing your wishes and goals when it comes to dental treatment and health as well as dental issues you would like to see solved. Consultation is the best foundation for your goals. You will get a clear overview of what we do, why we do it, and why your motivation and collaboration is so important for successful treatment.

Detailed consultation without time pressure

In order to offer you a sound-standing base for your decision, we take our time for your personal consultation. We work with replicas, written patient information, DVDs, photos, and similar material.

Little waiting time

We handle your time with great responsibility. Thanks to good practice and appointment organization, our patients can bank on little waiting time.

Systematic treatment planning

Our practice organization enables us to offer thoughtful treatment planning. If treatment requires several visits, we will plan the appointments in advance.

Reliable appointment system and recall

Thanks to our recall system, we remind you of your appointments for the regular checkups in a timely manner.