Denture funding for patients - cost-effective and simple

Our denture funding offer enables you to pay your own share of the cost for denture production and fitting in instalments - both the whole sum or a part of it. You decide on the instalment sum. Our funding conditions are flexible and very customer-friendly. Thanks to denture funding, you can afford the high-quality dentures you desire without having to abstain from other consumer wishes.

Our denture funding offers you the following advantages:

  • You choose your dentures based on dental standards and your personal wishes and requirements instead of being dependant on the low carrying of cost through your statutory health insurance.
  • You needn't touch your savings or abstain from other consumer wishes. You keep your financial flexibility.
  • Your dentist's bill is paid for instantly.
  • Denture funding enables you to cater for perfect artificial teeth immediately. Lengthy waiting times, as you would need to consider with costly additional healthcare insurances, are no longer a problem.
  • You have a right of cancellation and thus enter into no risk whatsoever.

Please don't hesitate to contact us in case you are interested.