Treatment For The Elderly

Treatment for the elderly: firm to the bite - despite age!

Many elderly patients have more urgent visits to the doctor's on their agenda. Regular visits at the dentist's or checkups don't seem that important anymore. Well-fitted dentures can grow extremely important especially for elderly patients. Eating and drinking passionately, laughing and speaking without distress are no privileges of the younger generations. We help elderly patients to smile broadly and enjoy higher quality of life.

As an elderly patient, take part in our prophylaxis program and profit from the included denture cleaning. We also offer fitting of aesthetic and functional, high-quality artificial teeth. In many cases, implant-carried restauration can restore your teeth. Our dental technician looks forward to using photos of your younger self as your goal of treatment.

Many people use the age of retirement to finally try out longed for hobbys or to travel to destinations they have wanted to see all their life. Dental issues shall not become a challenge. Do you want to powerfully bite, laugh free of care, and kiss with passion as you used to? We offer you the dental possibilities to realize all that.

Preserve your young, well cared-for looks even as an elderly patient and stay firm to the bite - for the whole of your life!