Vocationally Challenged Patients

Freelance firm founders and owners/managers

Services for freelancers, firm owners and vocationally challenged patients

You are a freelancer or a firm owner - or your job as an executive is challenging and you hardly have time? We understand you need effective time managing to tackle your demanding schedule. Our practice strives to make things a little easier for you; thus, we offer you special opening times for consultation and treatment.

We offer you the appointment of your choice, including suggestions outside the regular opening hours. Whether you choose to come early in the morning or in the evening hours, or even at the weekends - we look forward to scheduling the appointment that fits you best. We optimize planning of treatment for as few appointments as possible. Professionalism in treatment planning and in patient service as well as progressive methods of treatment guarantee successful treatment.

Our practice manager, Mrs. Lygia Esswein, is your personal contact person for all organizational questions and arranging for an appointment. Dr. Curt Esswein is your dental consultant and professional.