Splint Therapy

Functional diagnostics

Functionality of the chewing system and the jaw joints takes large influence on your wellbeing, quality of life, and your health. Impaired functionality or disshapement of teeth, jaw, and muscles can result in unpleasant ailments and a decrease in health - the range begins with sounds and pain when moving the mouth and summits in headaches, interlockings and back pain.

Regular further education and a great deal of practical experience have added functional analyses to our areas of expertise. We put functional analytic methods to use in the following cases...

  • elaborate tooth restauration and prothetic treatments
  • necessary jaw bone surgery treatment
  • as prior treatment to tooth, jaw bone, and muscle conditions
  • in case of functional disorders with or without painful symptoms
  • in case of long-term interim solutions
  • under use of occlusal splints and
  • to support treatment of CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction).

Temporomandibular joint treatment

The chewing system consists not only if teeth. Chewing and peaking requires the jaws to carry out complex, exactly timed motions. Bones, joints, muscles, and teeth fulfill numerous different functions in the process. If a part of this system turns out dysfunctional, so-called functional errors are the result. Creaking joints, interlocks, pain of the nape, headackes, and loose teeth are frequent outcomes. Discomforts such as difficult opening of the mouth, not being able to chew painlessly, accompanying symptoms such as tinnitus and dizziness can be symptoms of CMD (craniomandibular dysfunktion).

Dysfunctions can be diagnosed reliably and are normally easy to treat.

Measurement of the jaw and analysis of the functionality of teeth, temporomandibular jaws, and muscles provide us with important information on the source of the illness. Bases on the results, we can decide upon individual treatment. The following methods can be picked: restauration of the set of teeth, occlusion splint, long-time interim solution, physical therapy.

Depending on the stadium of the illness, we will consult specialists such as the physical therapist and the orthopedic specialist.

Based on the mentioned methods of examination above, we further gain important findings for the treatment of your teeth and the fitting of custom-made, functional dentures.

Implant Aftercare


Aesthetic Reconstruction